Check out our full selection of diving masks to suit all of your demands, whether you want low-volume, full face, single or double lens or even prescription lens masks, we have them all! Providing much needed eye protection and allowing you to see remarkably well underwater with comfort and ease, a dive mask is a pivotal piece of kit. Part of the enjoyment of diving is to see the beauty of the underwater world, so a good quality mask that provides you with the vision necessary to do just that is very important.

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TUSA Visio Pro Diving Mask M-110S

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The Tusa Visio Pro masks combines Tusa’s superior design and build quality with new innovative materials and frame construction

The Visio Pro features Tusa’s all new Crystalview Optical Glass treated with a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (UV) coating up to twenty layers thick. The unique Crystalview AR/UV lens offers the diver enhanced colour, clarity, contrast and eye protection without sacrificing light transmission or vision on the surface or underwater. This reduces the glare inside the mask and colour distortion by reducing the amount of light reflected before entering the mask. The Visio Pro’s lens is protected by a special edition two-piece chrome frame and black surgical grade silicone skirt.

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Tusa Freedom HD Dive Mask M-1001

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The incredible TUSA Freedom HD mask is the latest design to come from Freedom Technology which features a single lens design which gives you an incredible wide field of vision. The Freedom Technology sets Tusa masks apart when it comes to comfortable fitting on your face. This mask boasts a 180° Rotational Buckle System, which allows it to fit a variety of face sizes while maintaining a low profile. This masks includes a skirt which has varied silicone thickness, it is thin where it needs to be but still robust enough to hold the shape. This skirts is dimpled around the cheeks and forehead which offers amazing seal, this also increases the skirts softness and provides a great seal which fits well whilst reducing leakage. 

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Tusa Visio Tri-Ex Mask (M-31)

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The Tusa Visio Tri-Ex mask has a three-window design that gives unparalleled wide-angle vision. The bubble-side windows and reduction in the frame size give the user fantastic vision in all directions, ensuring you don't miss any amazing moments when diving.

The Soft silicone, combined with a wide head strap and angled buckles creates a tailored comfortable fit for almost any face. The low volume design includes a neat nose pocket for easy equalisation during descent.

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