Dry suits

Dry suits can provide you with much needed thermal protection whilst in the water, ensuring that water doesn’t enter and make contact with the body, this is achieved by trapping a layer of air around them. Covering you from the neck downwards dry suits are a pivotal piece of diving gear, especially when participating in dives in cold temperature waters. They can also help retain body heat and help prevent serious conditions such as hypothermia.

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Aqua Lung Alaskan Drysuit

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The Aqua Lung Alaskan Drysuit is Aqua Lung latest design in trilaminate drysuits. It is lighter and reinforced with a telescopic torso and a front zipper that allows the diver to equip himself. The front zip makes this drysuit easy to put on and take off so divers do not have to worry about struggling with this drysuit. The neck and wrist seals are produced in latex and neoprene socks that allows for the use of the traditional boots.

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