Apeks Nitrox XTX40 Regulator (With DST 1st Stage)

What’s the one thing all Scuba Divers want? More time exploring the deep. The Apeks Nitrox XTX40 regulator lets you experience that without breaking the bank.

The Nitrox variant of the XTX40 regulator has been laboriously oxygen-cleaned in Apeks specialised labs and fitted with an M26 EU standard connection. This let you to use 100%-Oxygen Nitrox blends. Enjoy longer bottom times, fewer decompression stops and more diving!

The DST 1st stage is made for the technical diver. The over-balanced diaphragm ensures the regulator performs effortless no matter how deep you dive. Environmentally sealed, it resists ice buildup, preventing free flow for excellent performance in temperatures lower than 10*C.

Thanks to the swivel head, 2 high pressure and 4 low pressure ports the XTX40 allows you to easily connect a full array of dive gear and provides painless hose routing.

The XTX40 2nd stage delivers the same exceptional performance as the XTX50 regulator and deliver clear, effortless breathing thanks to it high-quality internals. Pneumatically balanced, it’s able to deliver consistent clear airflow even when your tank is nearing empty. The XTX40 features a venturi knob allowing you to configure the 2nd stage on the fly to prevent free-flow. Like all Apeks regulators the XTX40 comes with a Comfo-Bite mouthpiece which eliminates jaw fatigue and helps to reduce dry mouth for more comfortable breathing.

In Europe the Apex Nitrox Regulators are sold with an M26 connection.

Do not attempt to use any Nitrox Product until obtained training nitrox use with mixtures containing over 21% 02 from a nationally recognised training agency


  • 100%-Oxygen Nitrox Compatible - While many of regulators are able to support low concentration nitrox blends the Apeks Nitrox XTX40 has been oxygen cleaned - a complex a rigorous procedure that must be undertook is incredibly clean labs. This allows it use 100% oxygen nitrox blends, enough for the most advanced divers!

Apeks DST 1st Stage

  • Over-Balanced Diaphragm - Designed for technical diving, the DST 1st has an over-balanced diaphragm ensuring it performs flawlessly even in extremely deep water.
  • Environmentally Sealed - The Apeks DST 1st stage is environmentally sealed. This prevents water getting into the regulator resulting in ice buildup or bacteria and silt ingress, ensuring flawless cold water performance and prevents your air supply being contaminated.
  • Cold Water Ready - The Apeks XTX40 has been designed with technical diving in mind and can be used in sub 10*C temperatures.
  • Swivel Head - The DST features a swivelling head allowing to configure your hoses optimally.
  • Easy Hose Routing - The DST features 2 high pressure ports and low pressure ports that allow you to easily attach and route all of your hoses.
    • 2 High Pressure Ports (7/16" UNF)
    • 4 Low Pressure Ports (3/8" UNF)
  • Optional 5th Port - A 5th optional port allows you to easily configure complex scuba setups and efficiently route your hoses.

Apeks XTX40 2nd Stage

  • Diver Changeable Exhaust - Apeks have designed their XTX range to suit you. The 2nd stage comes with two swappable exhausts. A larger exhaust offers excellent bubble clearance making it ideal for underwater photographers while the 2nd is smaller and lighter, offering improved comfort during long dives.
  • Pneumatically Balanced - The XTX40 2nd stage is pneumatically balanced ensuring breathing remains effortless even when the pressure in your tank decreases.
  • Venturi Control - The venturi control allows you to configure the XTX40 on the fly to prevent free-flow when the regulator isn’t in your mouth.
  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece - The Apeks XTX40 features a comfo-bite mouthpiece. This uses a bridge that sits across your palate to support your 2nd stage reducing jaw fatigue and helps to prevent your mouth drying out.
  • Large Purge Button - The large 2-stage purge button is easily accessible and allow for either a slow, controlled purge or more rapid full purge action.

Who is the Apeks Nitrox XTX40 Regulator For?

The Apeks Nitrox XTX40 regulator delivers the full nitrox experience at an extremely reasonable price. The primary difference between the XTX40 and XTX50 models is the removal of the Opening Control/Cracking Control on the XTX40 which, while an extremely convenient tool, not all divers will like. Able to handle the beating any regulator will take during technical diving the XTX40 is ideal for UK diving or abroad.

It’s important to stress that any diver looking to use nitrox must be trained in its use by a certified professional.

Who are Apeks?

Well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality breathing apparatus, Apeks supply more UK divers with regulators than any other dive manufacturer. Apeks has grown to become one of the benchmarks of the industry with superior standards in both engineering and design. Innovative development of not only their regulators but other diving equipment, Apeks offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their equipment, a testimony to the reliability and quality.

Apeks Nitrox XTX40 Specification
Connections M26 and DIN available
Type of first stage Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
Body Type MP ports mounted on swivel turret
Number of HP ports 2 (7/16" UNF)
Number of MP ports 4 with 5th port option (3/8" UNF)
Environmental Dry Kit Standard
First stage exterior Chrome over marine brass
Orientation Convertible LH or RH
Coldwater Use Yes
Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
Integrated Venturi Lever Yes
Mouthpiece Comfo-bite™
Exhaust tee Diver Changeable - supplied with small exhaust tee only.
Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance Yes
Hose type Braided Flexi-hose
Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores Avg. 0.85 joules/liter
Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box / Can be O2 cleaned to 100%.
Weight Yoke 1230g / DIN 1100g

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