Tank Valves

We have a selection of dive valves to work in partnership with your tank cylinder to guarantee they are set up accordingly and working effectively. Dive valves are the connection between the tank cylinder and the regulator. We stock a large variety of dive valves perfect for all budgets and to suit all requirements.

There are three types of valves when it comes to diving including the J valve, K valve and DIN valve. The J valve is similar to the K valve except it has a unique reserve mechanism. The reserve is designed to close airflow if the cylinders pressure drops below 500 psi. The reserve can be reopened by pulling a rod attached to the reserve lever.

The K valve is the simplest valve available to divers and can be found on most modern cylinders. The valve can be fitted by simply slipping a yoke attachment over the valve and tightening it with a screw.

The DIN valve works in conjunction with DIN attachments and is used on cylinders that exceed 3000 psi.

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