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Italy’s Faber opened their doors in 1972 and have since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in cylinders across a number of fields from diving to industrial gas transportation. In the diving world they’re known for their high-quality and extremely lightweight steel tanks and valves.

Faber are famous for their steel cylinder construction that delivers by far the lightest tanks possible without sacrificing strength over aluminum tanks. Furthermore, their uniquely balanced design optimises buoyancy for the ideal characteristics for diving

Faber 300 Bar Cylinder With Basic Valve

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300 Bar Cylinders are ideal for divers who want to enjoy longer dives on a single tank, or the added protection from over-pressurising offered by a 300 Bar tank. Faber’s 300 Bar Cylinders are known worldwide for their lightweight and incredibly robust steel design, perfect for any diver who demands quality tanks.

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