Apeks XL4+ Regulator
The Apeks XL4+ is a compact lightweight regulator suitable for diving in all environments including cold water locations. Its design and low weight help reduce jaw fatigue on long dives. The XL4+ also makes an ideal stage regulator, perfect for the technical exploration diver with a large amount of equipment. The XL4+ regulator is a high-performance option for those technical divers serious about weight savings

Apeks XL4 Octopus
Designed to fit with the XL4 regulator system the XL4 Octopus offers the same robust high performance as the XL4 2nd stage. Featuring a pneumatically balanced design, the XL4 Octo allows you to breathe easily, even when running low on air in your tank.

The large purge button is self flushing and controllable letting you to easily clear the octo should the need arise. Hi-Vis accenting on the body 2nd stage cable ensures the octopus is clearly visible meaning you or your dive buddy will be able to locate it quickly in a tricky situation.

The XL4 regulator set the Octopus is designed to handle water temperatures low that 10*C making it the perfect cold water alternative air supply.

Mares Mission 1 Guage Console
The Mares Mission 1 Pressure Gauge Console is a clear and accurate gauge which provides clear information on the contents of your cylinder.

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