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On this page we present you our choice of scuba diving consoles and diving compasses to assist you with your diving experiences. Including pressure gauges, compasses, depth gauges, water temperature gauges and much more.

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Scubapro Mako Pressure Gauge

Price £169.00

The Scubapro Mako Pressure Gauge is a great 400 bar gauge, this gauge is ideal for travelling and weight only 0.5 kg. There is a dial which shows you the amount of pressure you have left in the tank, this gauge needs to be attached to your first stage and the amount of pressure remaining in your tank is displayed.

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Scubapro Galileo 2 Console + Quick Release +...

Regular price £1,019.00 Price £866.15

The Scubapro Galileo 2 Console is for those divers who prefer a console-style dive computer rather than a computer which goes on your wrist. The Galileo 2 console another option for handling important dive data. The screen is a portrait-shaped screen which is easy to use and easy to read, it also offers a compass with two screen style. The data displayed is very useful to any diver, data such as tank pressure and depth is key information.

Includes Quick Release & HRM Belt

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Scubapro Compact Twin Gauge

Price £160.00

The Scubapro Compact Twin Gauge is ideal for all divers looking for a compact way to carry their depth information and cylinder pressure. This compact twin gauge has a smaller diameter than most gauges on the market and are also very thin, this is what makes this compact. This is ideal for divers looking for compact gear which does not weigh much. This gauge being compact and lightweight makes it s perfect traveling, it has a robust rubber housing is ideal for the travelling dive.

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TUSA Single Gauge SCA-110T

Price £99.00

The TUSA Single Gauge is specifically designed for divers who use a wrist-type dive computer. Housed in a low profile boot, this compact mini pressure gauge is well built and easy to see for night diving or diving in darker waters.

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