Scubapro Galileo 2 Console

The Scubapro Galileo 2 Console is for those divers who prefer a console-style dive computer rather than a computer which goes on your wrist. The Galileo 2 console another option for handling important dive data. The screen is a portrait-shaped screen which is easy to use and easy to read, it also offers a compass with two screen style. The data displayed is very useful to any diver, data such as tank pressure and depth is key information.

The rugged casing protects against bumps and includes hose protection to keep the quick disconnect fitting safe. This console is designed to go anywhere, you can even download your diving data on to multiple devices such as iPhone/PC/Mac/Android. There are 3 buttons which are clearly labeled when the screen is on. These buttons are easy to use even with gloves on, and you can use them to explore the console.

This console comes with a heart rate monitor belt (HRM belt). The heart rate monitor belt can be adjusted to make it as comfortable and keeps it in a comfortable place. When wearing the heart rate monitor belt it must be directly against the skin. The front side of the temperature heart rate belt should be against the suit and not covered by body parts. The temperature of the body is sent by the belt transmission signal to the Scubapro dive computer which will display this data to the diver. The Scubapro heart rate belt can be used with wet or dry suits.

Key Benefits

  • Portrait Screen - The Scubapro Galileo 2 console has a portrait screen which displays dive data such as tank pressure and depth. This screen is very easy to read at depth thanks to its sharp graphics.
  • Ultra-durable Casing - The casing on this console is very durable. Scubapro have been making diving equipment for many years and they know the sort of damage which could happen. With this in mind Scubapro have made this console very durable by using a casing boot that protects this console from bumps which includes those from hoses.
  • 3 Simple Stainless Steel Buttons - This console includes 3 buttons which are used for multiple reasons. You turn this computer on and off by holding the left and right button, holding down the left will show you nitrox mix which can then be changed, and give you access to different menus and features. You don’t have to worry about not knowing which button is which as the top section of the screen includes the name of that button or arrows to show how to navigate. You can easily use all 3 buttons in and out of water, even with protective gloves on.
  • Protection For Quick Disconnect Fitting - The quick disconnect fitting is protected by durable material, this is to prevent damage to the fitting.
  • Heart Rate Monitor Belt (HRM) - This Scubapro heart rate monitor belt is wrapped around your torso, you have to make sure that this belt has contact with the skin. The straps and the whole belt is comfortable to wear under a wet or dry suit. This sends data to your console and shows your skin temperature and your heart rate.
  • Multiple Languages - This console allows you to select from 19 different languages, making this a world wide console computer that can be used by most divers no matter what language.
  • Scuba and Trimix Modes - This console accommodates for different air settings. This feature means that it is suitable for most dives as it has the ability to change the type of air need depending on the dive. The trimix mode is disabled from the factory so you will have to activate it.
  • Connectivity of USB or Bluetooth - You can download your dive data by using the USB provided which you can plug in to PC/Mac. There is also the option to connect this console to your devices through bluetooth.
  • Battery Life - The burn time on this console is 50 hours, which is great for a console which has so many great features for all divers.
  • Max Depth - The Scubapro Galileo 2 console can work for up to 120 meters which is an incredible 394 feet down into the ocean, this is regardless of diving situation.
  • Compass Included - This console comes with a compass which is a great feature for any console to have and a very useful feature for divers.
  • Huge 485MB Memory - This console stores your diving data which includes 1,000 hours of dive profiles. You can easily download dive data with the usb cable which is included or wirelessly to your phone or handheld device using bluetooth. To download dive data to your PC/Mac you can use the USB cable in and it will download onto the LogTRAK software.

Who are Scubapro Galileo 2 Console for?

This well designed future proof console is for any diver looking for a console which will give them all the data needed. This console can last your whole diving career so you only need to buy one, as it is future proof you will have all the features you will ever need from a diving console. The Galileo 2 Console comes with Scubapro’s great heart rate monitor belt and quick release, these are great features as you will also have the data on skin temperature and heart rate. This console is aimed at every diver as it is easy to use, has multiple features and you can use as much or as little as you like. The Galileo 2 console is designed to go anywhere, it's great for new diver on their journey from their first dive to wherever their passion for diving takes them.

Who are Scubapro?

Scubapro have been producing diving equipment for over 50 years. The have a fantastic reputation of high quality diving equipment. They pride themselves in testing equipment beyond the required guidelines, so you can rely on the quality of their equipment. Their products have been designed and built to a very high standard so they perform perfectly in water, this is what makes Scubapro equipment one the finest qualities available.

Galileo 2 Console
Body Fibreglass reinforced Thermoplastic
Screen Size 2.2inches/5.6cm
Weight 205g
Screen Type TFT Full colour LCD
Memory 485 MB; 1.000 pictures/map/waypoints 1000 hours dive profile
Compass intergrated
Nitrox/trimix Yes, 8 Nitrox Mixes and Trimix with CCR Capability
Max Operating Depth 120 metres
Battery Type Re-chargable Li-ion battery (3.7V 840 mAh)
Battery Life 50 hours per charge
Connectivity Bluetooth & USB table
Languages 19 +

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