Suunto EON Core Dive Computer

The compact Suunto EON Core dive computer is a great companion whether you are just beginning diving or an active diver exploring new depths. The key details of your dive are easy to read from the clear colour display with large prominent digits. This fully featured and customisable dive computer is your reliable partner.

The Suunto EON Core display is easy to read thanks to the high contrast colour screen with large numbers, this screen is fully customisable which is a great feature for all divers. There is also a “always-on” LED backlight which makes this computer easier to read in dark water conditions. The computer screen can be flipped so this computer can be worn on either wrist. Not only is this computer comfortable but it is also long lasting thanks to the toughened composite case. The screen is also made from Mineral crystal glass which makes the screen scratch and impact resistant.

This dive computer is compact and comfortable and lightweight which makes this computer a great computer for all divers to use in many different water environment. This comfortable dive watch features a rechargeable battery which last for 10-20 hours of dive time with one charge. This is a great feature for a dive computer as the diver simply can use the USB cable provided to charge the computer when needed. This computer has multiple modes which can be used during a dive, these include Air/Nitrox, Trimix, CCR and Gauge modes.

One of the great features on this computer is the 3D digital compass, with a compass built in the divers can either use it as there primary compass or as a backup compass. Features such as a 3D digital compass make this computer future proof.

There is also the option to make this computer show tank pressure readings wireless from up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs. You can also download this computer's logbook which shows all of the dive data collected, this can be downloaded easily to the Suunto DM5 which is an interface included with this computer. The data can be shared to friends to show adventures and photos in Suunto Movescount.

Key Benefits

  • For All Diving - The Suunto EON Core computer has numerous modes which includes Air/Nitrox, Trimix, CCR and Gauge modes. With many modes available the Suunto EON Core can be used for all diving types and environments.
  • Fully Customisable - This computer is fully customisable so the diver can pick what is displayed. The diver can set the screen to display the features the diver want during the dive. The screen can also be flipped so it can be worn on either wrist.
  • 3D Digital Compass - he Suunto EON Core includes a 3D compass which can be tilted and is very easy to use and can be added to the dive screen as this computer can be customised. A compass is a great feature as divers always need a compass, this compass can either be used as a primary compass or as a backup compass.
  • Mineral Crystal Glass - The screen on the Suunto EON Core is made from Mineral Crystal Glass which is highly scratch and impact resistant.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The burn time on this computer is 20 hours, which is great for a computer which has all the bells and whistles. When this computer eventually runs out you can easily recharge it with the USB cable included.
  • Maximum Depth - The Suunto EON Core computer can work for up to 80 meters which is an incredible 262 feet down into the ocean, this is regardless of the diving situation.
  • Optional Air Integration - This computer can monitor tank pressure plus provides true bottom time and allows air consumption to be factored into the decompression calculation. There is support for up to 10 transmitters. To include air integration features a Suunto Tank POD must be bought seperately.
  • User Update Software - This computer’s software can be updated at home to always have the latest version, just simply use the USB cable to connect to a PC or Mac using Suunto DM5 software.
  • Included In Box - EON Core with Elastomer strap, Magnetic USB Cable and a Screen guard.

Who is the Suunto EON Core Dive Computer for?

The Suunto EON Core Dive Computer is for anyone looking for a stylish dive computer which is comfortable to wear in all diving situations and includes all the features that any diver would need. This computer also can be upgraded to include wireless air integration which is a great feature for technical divers. This computer's screen can be be customised so the diver can pick what data shows. Not only can you customise the display but there is also a 3D digital compass which also can show on the screen as it is an example of a feature which can be customised. This computer can last your whole diving career so you only need to buy one, as it is future proof you will have all the features you will ever need and also upgrades available such as wireless air integration with the Tank POD (10 Tank POD can connect to one computer) which is great for diving with buddies. The Suunto EON Core computer is aimed at every diver as it is easy to use, with multiple modes available this computer is suitable for all diving situations. This computer is comfortable to wear on either wrist as the screen flips to accommodate both wrists. It’s great for new divers on their journey from their first dive to wherever their passion for diving takes them.

Who is Suunto?

Suunto began producing the world's first wristwatch-style compasses in 1936 for the Finnish Military. In 1964 they introduced the SK-4, the world’s first Diving compass helping to revolutionise technical and sport diving. These days they’re industry leaders in Diving computers technology. The word “Suunto” comes from the Finnish word meaning “direction”. Suunto is pronounced “Soon-toh”.

Suunto EON Core Dive Computer
Gas Switching 10
Air Integration Wireless (not included)
Computer Style Wrist
Display Type Full Colour
Max Operating Depth 80 meters
Battery Type Rechargeable
Estimated Battery Life 20 Hours
Trimix Compatible Yes
Rebreather Mode CCR, Fixed Point

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