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Aqua Lung Alaskan Drysuit

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The Aqua Lung Alaskan Drysuit is Aqua Lung latest design in trilaminate drysuits. It is lighter and reinforced with a telescopic torso and a front zipper that allows the diver to equip himself. The front zip makes this drysuit easy to put on and take off so divers do not have to worry about struggling with this drysuit. The neck and wrist seals are produced in latex and neoprene socks that allows for the use of the traditional boots.

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Sealife Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera

Price £570.00

The SeaLife Micro 3.0 permanently sealed camera offers features never before possible in such a small camera. The Micro 3.0 now offers ultra-high definition video and the ability to shoot high resolution 16mp still images in the universal, RAW (Adobe DNG) format. The Micro 3.0 also offers more manual features to fine tune your underwater images.

The sealed construction of the Micro 3.0 means it can’t leak, and with its large battery, all you need to do is charge it and start taking spectacular underwater or above water photos and video. Like its popular forerunners, the Micro 3.0 requires no maintenance – just wash and clean after use.

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Apeks XTX50 Octopus

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The XTX50 Octopus matches the incredible performance of Apeks XTX range regulators. Designed to suit the needs of technical diving, it features the same range of features too, including venturi and Opening effort controls so you can adjust your breathing settings to suit your tastes and environment.

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TUSA Visio Pro Diving Mask M-110S

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The Tusa Visio Pro masks combines Tusa’s superior design and build quality with new innovative materials and frame construction

The Visio Pro features Tusa’s all new Crystalview Optical Glass treated with a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (UV) coating up to twenty layers thick. The unique Crystalview AR/UV lens offers the diver enhanced colour, clarity, contrast and eye protection without sacrificing light transmission or vision on the surface or underwater. This reduces the glare inside the mask and colour distortion by reducing the amount of light reflected before entering the mask. The Visio Pro’s lens is protected by a special edition two-piece chrome frame and black surgical grade silicone skirt.

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Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD

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The Pro HD is a wrap-around jacket with weight integration that is sure to appeal to a wide range of divers. It provides excellent value because it is so feature-rich for the price. Due to its advanced ResiseK material, it will hold up to the rigors of salt and chlorine and retain its good looks. Wherever you want to take it, it’s ready to go.

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