Scubapro SK T Titanium Knife

Featuring a 13cm Titanium blade the Scubapro SK T Titanium is strong, light and near-100% corrosion resistant.

The substantial blade features both a conventional edge for slicing cuts and a serrated edge for sawing through rope and other fibrous materials. The titanium construction ensures that the blade is surprisingly light for its size. Easy disassembly means that the SK T Titanium is easy to clean and maintain.

A ergonomic moulded grip ensures easy handling even when wearing chunky gloves and a guard at the bottom of the hilt prevents your hand slipping onto the blade during use. While the Scubapro SK T Titanium is a ‘traditional’ knife in size it’s thoroughly modern dive-ready knife.

Key Benefits

  • Corrosion Resistant Blade - Made from titanium the Scubapro SK T Titanium is near-100% corrosion resistant making it considerably more resistant to the oxidation process than stainless steel knives.
  • Easy cleaning - The Scubapro SK T Titanium is simple to disassemble ensuring painless cleaning and maintenance helping you ensure your knife is always in top condition.
  • Usable With Gloves - With an ergonomic moulded grip the SK T Titanium is perfectly suited to underwater use with or without gloves.
  • Protective Hand Guard - The grip features a hand guard protecting your hand against slipping onto the blade during use.
  • Reinforced Pommel - The bottom of the grip has been reinforced with titanium allowing it to function as hammer.
  • Easy Adjust Straps - The Scubapro SK T Titanium comes with two easily adjustable straps ensuring the SK T Titanium is always comfortable to wear.

Who is Scubapro SK T Titanium Knife for?

The Scubapro SK T Titanium is suitable for any serious diver who demands a high standard from their equipment. The titanium blade is forgiving of harsh environments ensuring it’ll be ready for any of your dive adventures for years to come.

It’s an elegant yet versatile knife with considerable cutting power and low weight making it excellent its for both commercial and recreational divers alike.

Who are Scubapro?

Scubapro have been producing diving equipment for over 50 years. The have a fantastic reputation of high quality diving equipment. They pride themselves in testing equipment beyond the required guidelines, so you can rely on the quality of their equipment. Their products have been designed and built to a very high standard so they perform perfectly in water, this is what makes Scubapro equipment one the finest qualities available.

Technical Information

Scubapro SK T Titanium Knife
Length Blade: 12.8cm
Overall: 25.7cm
Material Titanium
Weight 296g
Included Knife, Sheath, Straps
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