Faber 300 Bar Cylinder With Basic Valve

300 Bar Cylinders are ideal for divers who want to enjoy longer dives on a single tank, or the added protection from over-pressurising offered by a 300 Bar tank. Faber’s 300 Bar Cylinders are known worldwide for their lightweight and incredibly robust steel design, perfect for any diver who demands quality tanks.

Faber Cylinders are available in 3L, 7L, and 12L sizes and come as standard with a basic DIN valve fitting. We also supply alternative valve fittings to suit your needs. The Basic Valve supplied with 300 bar cylinder is ideal for single cylinder dives and is shock resistant and reinforced ensuring durability.


  • Multiple Sizes - Faber Cylinders are manufactured in a number of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. The 300 Bar cylinders are available in 3L, 7L and 12L.
  • Steel Is Real - Faber are known worldwide for their specialisation in lightweight, steel tank manufacturing and for that reason manufacture tanks for brands across the globe. They’re lightweight, tough and high quality.
  • DIN Fitting - Faber diving tanks are supplied with DIN fittings for improved safety and increased pressure headroom. DIN fittings can easily to be adapted to A-Clamp for compatibility no matter where you’re diving.
  • Tough and Light - While aluminium is a lighter material, steel is considerably stronger. That means that an 300 bar aluminium tank would have a wall thickness twice that of steel making it both larger and heavier. Faber’s steel tanks are both light and robust.
  • Boot - Faber tanks come supplied with a boot ensuring they stay upright when in storage.

Who is the Faber 300 bar Cylinder With Basic Valve For?

Faber are known the world over as Europe’s number 1 cylinder manufacturer and you can be confident in their reliability and lightweight design. 300 Bar cylinders provide up to around a 1/3rd more air as a similarly sized 232 bar tank allowing you to enjoy longer dives without the need for additional tanks.

Who Is Faber?

Italy’s Faber opened their doors in 1972 and have since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in cylinders across a number of fields from diving to industrial gas transportation. In the diving world they’re known for their high-quality and extremely lightweight steel tanks and valves.

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