Mares Flexa 5/4/3mm Mens Wetsuit

The Mares Flexa Wetsuit combines three different thicknesses of neoprene to create an adaptable and intuitive wetsuit. Placed in key areas, the varied thickness neoprene works to protect certain areas while leaving others free for movement. The 5mm thickness is the medium thickness Flexa wetsuit and is suited to colder waters, however the 8mm offers more protection for extreme cold. This is best seen in the back and shoulder areas where the thicker layer of neoprene is stitched into the material for added comfort and protection.

Comfort is key to this suit, with a soft ergonomic custom closure, this suit is comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The front zip has a smooth neoprene flap which allows for greater comfort and isolation, designed to make you feel comfortable and snug. With practicality in mind the suit has an integrated buckle system on the leg allows you to attach the hood of the suit when not in use.

*Please note that Mares Wetsuits come in Italian sizes 1-8. From customer feedback it is recommended that you purchase a size larger than usual.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable The ultrastretch neoprene which makes up the suit is designed to be as comfortable and flexible as possible to provide a fantastic range of movement.
  • Durable The neoprene is also extremely durable and will help against bumps and scrapes during your dive.
  • Detachable Hood The hood of the suit can be detached and kept on the leg of the suit with an integrated buckle system.
  • Easy Donning and Doffing The ergonomic custom closure is soft and helps to make putting the suit on and taking it off as easy possible.
  • Trilastic Material The suit comes with varying thickness neoprene, this means that it is designed to protect in key areas and be flexible in others.
  • Clever Front Zip The front zip has a smooth neoprene flap which allows for greater comfort and isolation, helping to make you feel snug in the suit.


Who is the Mares Flexa 5/4/3mm Mens Wetsuit For?

The intuitive and comfortable Mares Flexa is perfect for divers looking for a fantastic wetsuit. Mares, known for their quality, have created a trilastic design which works to give you protection and flexibility in key areas. This suit helps to give you the freedom you want in the water with the added protection and insulation you crave. This 5/4/3mm wetsuit is perfect for any waters, but may be too thick for tropical waters and too thin for extremely cold waters.

Who are Mares?

Since being founded in Italy in 1949, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art diving equipment, and continually sets new industry standards. They continue to invest in innovation, research and expertise almost 70 years after they were founded and are an industry leader that can be trusted to be quality.

Size Guide: Mares Wetsuits Men


Please be aware that Mares wetsuits are Italian sizes from 1 through to 8 and based on customer feedback we would recommend ordering a size LARGER than you would typically order.

2 S   175 / 5'9" 93 / 37" 73 / 29" 91 / 36" ± 3 / ±1"
3 M S 178 / 5'10" 97.5 / 38" 77.5 / 31" 95.5 / 38" ± 3 / ±1"
4 L M 181 / 5'11" 101.5 / 40" 81.5 / 32" 99.5 / 39" ± 3 / ±1"
5 XL L 184 / 6' 105.5 / 42" 86 / 34" 104 / 41" ± 3 / ±1"
6 XXL XL 187 / 6'2" 110 / 43" 90 / 35" 108 / 43" ± 3 / ±1"
7 3XL 2XL 190 / 6'3" 114 / 45" 94 / 37" 112 / 44" ± 3 / ±1"
8 4XL 3XL 193 / 6'4" 118 / 46" 98 / 39" 116 / 46" ± 3 / ±1"

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