Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit 7mm Womens Wetsuit

The Dive Jumpsuit is for cold water conditions thanks to the high quality 7mm neoprene material. This wetsuit keeps divers comfortable, warm and looks great. There are functional features such as kneepads to its great graphics. The dive modular wetsuit system provides versatile option that are durable and comfortable.

Thanks to the high-density neoprene, the size marking inside and outside (one colour per size) and the while personal identification field to write the number of the suit along the zipper, this wetsuit provides the perfect solutions for rental and intensive use. This wetsuit features a zipper which is located at the back of the wetsuit. Having a back zipper makes this suit easy to put on and take off. Not only is this suit easy to put on and take off but it is also known to be extremely comfortable and provide a great fit for divers who are exploring the underwater world.

Hood not included

Key Benefits

  • High Quality Material - The Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit is made from environmentally friendly material. The 7mm neoprene is high quality non-petroleum based neoprene which uses a PAH free formula. The high-density neoprene allows lots of dives without shrinkage.
  • Seams - The seams on this wetsuit are constructed using double-glued, two thread blind-stitched. All seams junction on the inside of the suit are sealed by a small patch, offering superior warmth, comfort and durability.
  • Ring Seals - There are ring seals on the arms and legs to help stop water entry and allows for easier don and doff.
  • Ankle Zipper - The Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit include ankle zipper on the model with hood attached and front zipper.
  • Underarm Panels - There are ergonomic panels under arm, inside elbow and inside knee for comfort and easy movement.
  • Supratex Knee Panels - The Aqua Lung Bali Wetsuit has Supratex knee panels which offer excellent abrasion resistance with the added bonus of increased flexibility.
  • Printed Design - There are multiple printed design included on this wetsuit. There is printed design on the shoulders to protect from abrasion of the BCD, and there is printed design on the wrist to help keep the dive computer in place.
  • Loop Included - This wetsuit includes a loop at the end of the zipper and leash on the slide to assist the don and doff.
  • Reflective Prints - There are reflective prints on top of the hood and calffor, the purpose of this is to create high visibility during dives.

Who is Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit 7mm Womens Wetsuit for?

The Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit 7mm is for divers looking for a high quality wetsuit which is suitable for cold water temperature. Thanks to the 7mm high quality neoprene this wetsuit will protect you when diving in cold temperatures and will keep you comfortable. This wetsuit has a back zipper which makes this wetsuit easy to put on and take off. The suit is comfortable even with a BCD and tank on the back thanks to the print. The Aqua Lung Dive Jumpsuit can give you protection and is perfect for cold water, using this wetsuit to dive deep into the ocean would give you an incredible amount of comfort and is long lasting thanks to the great material used which is environmentally friendly.

Who are Aqua Lung?

Aqua Lung introduced the world to Scuba diving equipment more than 60 years ago. Aqua Lung manufacture good quality Scuba diving equipment including regulators, masks and high performance torches. They pride themselves in making diving equipment which allows divers to explore the ocean safely and make memorable moments.

Womens Sizes

 SizeHeight (cm)Height ft/in)Weight (kg)Weight (lbs)
XS 150 - 160 4'11" - 5'2" 47 - 50 103 - 110
S 160 - 163 5'2" - 5'4" 50 - 54 110 - 119
M 163 - 166 5'4" - 5'5" 54 - 61 119 - 134
ML 166 - 170 5'5" - 5'7" 61 - 65 134 - 143
L 169 - 172 5'6" - 5'8" 65 - 72 143 - 158
XL 175+ 5'9"+ 73 +  161+

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