TUSA Triple Gauge

Designed for those looking for a smaller three gauge console, the TUSA Triple Gauge is compact and effective. Made up of a pressure gauge, depth gauge and compass combination, the console provides all essential information in a durable, compact boot. The pressure and depth gauges sit on the front of the boot while the compass is easily accessible and attached to the back of the console.

The compact mini pressure gauge has a luminescent dial to make using it in the dark as easy as possible. The face of the gauge also glows to make visibility even better. This gauge has a range of 350 bar with a 400 bar maximum, more than enough for the average dive. The gauge also has a number of rings on the boot to make attaching other equipment to it extremely easy.

The 200 ft depth gauge is designed to be accurate, reliable and durable. It also has luminescent dials and a glowing gauge face to make reading it in the dark as easy as possible. A range of 200 ft means that it can be taken the lower depths with confidence that it is working and is accurate.

The compass is designed with functionality and practicality in mind. It comes with a lockable bezel which makes life easier underwater as it has a side window for easy viewing. The compass has a luminescent dial face which is easily readable even as conditions become darker. A durable boot with strap makes sure that the compass won’t move or become dislodged during use.

Key Benefits

Pressure Gauge

  • Compact - The compact design of this gauge is engineered for divers who use a wrist-type dive computer, this means it is easy to attach and easy to use.
  • Easy to Read - The gauges face is clear and uncluttered, the numbers are easy to read and are perfect for seeing at a quick glance.
  • Great Range - This gauge is comfortable at pressures up to 350 bar with a maximum of 400 bar, more than enough for average dives.
  • Perfect for Night Diving - The gauge has a luminescent dial and the entire face of the gauge glows in the dark, this makes it perfect for diving at night or in darker conditions.
  • Boot Hooks - The boot that houses the gauge has a number of rings for the attachment of BCJ’s or any other equipment that may need to be attached.

Depth Gauge

  • Compact - In the twin gauge boot the depth gauge sits just above the pressure gauge but due to its compact design does not become clunky or heavy, perfect for wrist-type dive computers.
  • Easy to Read - Clear and uncluttered, the face also comes with a colour system that lets you know what kind of depths you are in if you can’t read the numbers on the dial, perfect for those who have trouble reading in the water.
  • Great Depth - The gauge has a depth of up to 200 ft (70m), which is more than enough for an average dive, but gives the dial the capability to last in greater depths.
  • Perfect for Night Diving - Like the pressure gauge, the depth gauge has a luminescent dial and the entire face of the gauge glows in the dark, this makes it perfect for diving at night or in darker conditions.


  • Practical - The compass has a lockable bezel with a easy view side window, this makes sure that the compass is sturdy at all times and won’t be disturbed by the surrounding conditions.
  • Durable - The compass sits in a durable boot with strap that works to make sure that the compass stays in place even during rugged dives.
  • Easy to See - The compass has a luminescent face to ensure that the compass is readable at all times, perfect if you’re diving in darker waters.

Who is the TUSA Triple Gauge For?

The TUSA Triple Gauge is ideal for divers looking for a reliable three gauge console that is compact but effective. Designed to be smaller than the average triple gauge system, the TUSA Triple Gauge is best used by divers with a wrist-style computer. All three of the components are accurate, reliable and most importantly durable. Their excellent luminescent features also make them ideal for night diving or diving in darker conditions.

Who are TUSA?

One of the world’s first mask and snorkel manufacturers, Tusa was founded in Japan in 1952 by Kazuo Tabata who built the first mask series by hand in a humble garage. Since those early beginnings, Tusa have always been dedicated to innovating the market.

With Tusa branded dive equipment you know you’re going to get the best quality equipment as it’s manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards.

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