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Scubapro MK17 Evo /A700 Regulator

The Scubapro MK17 Evo/ A700 Regulator is a clear combination for divers who love to travel to exotic locations and are quite busy in travelling from one location to another. The MK17 Evo first stage and A700 second stage regulator are both suitable for cold water excursions.

The MK17 Evo is a premier balanced diaphragm crafted specially for extremely cold environments. It is completely sealed off from the inside, nothing can get inside the marine grade brass body that is then chrome plated. The sealing system also ensures that the ambient pressure chamber remains dry and prevents freezing. It offers optimum protection in cold conditions.

The A700 second stage comes with a metal casing with cover, metal valve and over-molded accent to look contemporary in design. The air balanced valve technology and exhaust valve goes well with the exhaust tee. It also includes a first -rate purge and responsive user controls that come with an adjustable micrometric inhalation knob. It also comes with a super flow hose to increase air flow and easy to grip ultra-light orthodontic mouthpiece.

The Scubapro MK17 Evo/ A700 Regulator is manufactured to work well and exhibit high performance during demanding extreme conditions. Both these regulators are integrated with the latest features and offers excellent diving experience in whatever kind of water you dive into.

Available in DIN or A-Clamp

Key Benefits

MK17 Evo First Stage

  • Air balanced diaphragm The air balanced diaphragm design delivers constant and effortless airflow unaffected by tank pressure, depth and breathing rate.
  • Environmentally sealed - The diaphragm-based MK17 Evo is environmentally sealed so that water cannot enter the inner mechanism. Regulators generate temperatures up to minus 30 degrees due to the pressure drop involved and the fast moving air. It is important that sensitive moving metal parts avoid contact with extremely cold water. The MK17 is environmentally sealed so neither water, nor pollution can damage the inner mechanism by entering it.
  • Two high pressure ports, two low pressure ports and two high-flow ports - These ports maximize air delivery and hose routing options.

A700 Second Stage

  • Air Balanced Valve - When diving at various depths the A700 air-balanced valve provides pressure which gives you smooth inhalation. This feature is useful for those looking for comfortable breathing when diving deep into the underwater world.
  • User controls - The A700 includes a diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob which controls you to adjust the amount of effort to breath. There is also a Venturi-initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) lever which can be used on the dive or before to enables a high flow exhaust valve which provides comfortable exhale and inhale. The user controls are used to reduce the struggle to breath whilst exploring the ocean.
  • Carbon fiber front cover, metal casing and mental valve housing - The A700 is enclosed in a full metal casing which makes it perfect to resist years of aggressive diving. The carbon fiber makes the A700 extremely lightweight and virtually bulletproof which results in a more comfortable dive.
  • Super-flow hose - The super-flow house features an oversized bore that allows more air to flow on each inhalation. Another feature which makes it as comfortable as possible to breath whilst exploring the underwater world.
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece - The ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn’t obstruct airflow.

Who is Scubapro MK17 Evo /A700 Regulator for?

This Scubapro MK17 Evo/A700 regulator is aimed at those who love to travel to exotic locations and are quite busy in travelling from one location to another. The MK17 Evo first stage and A700 second stage regulator are both suitable for cold water excursions.

Who are Scubapro?

Scubapro have been producing diving equipment for over 50 years. The have a fantastic reputation of high quality diving equipment. They pride themselves in testing equipment beyond the required guidelines, so you can rely on the quality of their equipment. Their products have been designed and built to a very high standard so they perform perfectly in water, this is what makes Scubapro equipment one the finest qualities available.

Technical Information

MK17 EVO First Stage
Low Pressure Ports 4
High Pressure Ports 2
Swivel Turret No
Air Balanced No (Balanced Diaghragm)
Tank Connection INT 230 bar/ DIN 300 bar
Piston / Diaphragm Balanced Diaphragm
Body Material Chrome Plated Brass Body
Cold Water Compatible Yes
Weight 640g (DIN) 860g (INT)
Air Flow At 200 bar: >6900 l/min
Intermediate pressure (bar/psi) 9.2-9.8 bar
Nitrox Compatible No
A700 Carbon Black Second Stage
Weight 261g
Adjustable Air Flow Coaxial Flow + Adjustable Inhalation Effort + Adjustable VIVA (Venturi Intiated Vacuum Assist)
Air Balanced Yes
Air Flow At 200 bar: 2000 l/min


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