TUSA RS-1001 Regulator

The compact and lightweight TUSA RS-1001 Regulator is made up the balanced diaphragm R-1000 first stage and the S-0001 second stage. These two stages work together to create a well built and durable regulator.

The R-1000 first stage comes with a cold water insulation system and has four low-pressure and two high-pressure ports. The first stage is fined tuned for performance with the high flow low-pressure ports offer up to 15% increased air flow. This first stage is effective and efficient, designed to offer tuned performance for as long as you need it.A DIN version is also available that offers 300 bar(4350 psi).

The S-0001 second stage comes in a lightweight and compact case and the clever venturi air system. This system allows the user to control the direction of airflow through the mouthpiece to make sure that breathing is as easy as possible. It also comes with a ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece to stop fatigue when using the regulator. This makes it easier on you to use and means you can use it for longer without putting strain on the jaw.

Key Benefits

R-1000 First Stage

  • Cold Water Insulation The first stage comes with cold water insulation to make sure that it keeps working effectively even in cold water conditions.
  • High/Low Pressure PortsThe R-1000 comes with four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports which are fine tuned for performance to make sure they give you the best output possible.
  • Balanced Diaphragm The balanced diaphragm first stage makes it easier to clean and less likely to freeze open, it also supplies air at a constant pressure regardless of depth to help make sure that you can dive in confidence.
  • Increased Air FlowThe high flow low pressure ports offer up to 15% increased air flow to make sure that you get all the air you need.

S-0001 Second Stage

  • Lightweight and Compact The lightweight and compact design of the second stage makes it easy on the mouth and not as clunky as some other regulators.
  • Venturi Air SystemThe Venturi system the regulator comes with allows the user to control the direction of airflow in the mouthpiece, making it easier to breathe in the water.
  • Ortho-Consciously Designed Mouthpiece The ortho-conscious design of the mouthpiece makes it easier on you and your jaw, reducing fatigue and making the mouthpiece more comfortable in general.
  • Left or Right Hand ConfigurationThe second stage can be configured either left or right hand making it always available to access and easier to use depending on your handedness.


Who is the TUSA RS-1001 Regulator For?

The TUSA RS-1001 Regulator is a great all-round regulator with some outstanding features. It is at home in warm and cold conditions and has great airflow. Comfortable and efficient, it ticks a number of different boxes. If you’re a newcomer to diving and are looking for a reliable regulator that is perfect for recreational diving then this regulator is a great option.

Who are Tusa?

One of the world’s first mask and snorkel manufacturers, Tusa was founded in Japan in 1952 by Kazuo Tabata who built the first mask series by hand in a humble garage. Since those early beginnings, Tusa have always been dedicated to innovating the market.

With Tusa branded dive equipment you know you’re going to get the best quality equipment as it’s manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards. At Deep Blue we are happy to recommend Tusa equipment to anyone looking for high quality dive gear.

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