Apeks XTX200 Regulator

The XTX200 represents the ultimate in technical diving performance and modern style.

Fully balanced, the XTX200 is engineered to provide uncompromising performance and relaxed, effortless breathing in any extreme environment.

The FSR 1st stage is environmentally sealed. This prevents ice build-up in the mainspring chamber, allowing you to dive in extremely cold water. It also protects you against contaminants getting into the system and impeding the quality of your air or harbouring bacteria. Air is supplied by 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure angled ports, allowing you to easily route your cables.

The XTX 2nd stage features a heat exchanger which surrounds the valve mechanism, the extracts as much heat as possible from the ambient water, increasing the temperature of the air within the 2nd stage, ensuring comfortable breathing temperatures. The venturi switch and open control knob gives you control to configure your how your regulator functions on the fly to avoid free-flow and achieve the ideal breathing experience.

A high-quality braided hose connects the 1st and 2nd stages. In comparison to rubber, braided hoses are more flexible and durable while also being lighter.

The XTX200 Regulator is designed to stun, both in terms of outright performance and stunning chrome aesthetic. There is no doubt that the XTX200 is one of the most impressive technical regulators available today.


Apeks XTX200 FSR 1st Stage

  • Balanced Design - The Apeks XTX200 1st stage is balanced ensuring it performs flawless whatever you throw at it, even if you’re running low on air.
  • Easily Route Your Hoses - 2 angled High pressure and 4 angled Low Pressure ports make routing your hoses optimally, easy.
  • Cold water ready - The mainspring chamber is environmentally sealed preventing ice build-up allowing it the function in sub 10*C temperatures.
  • Resists Contaminants - The sealed main spring chamber prevents silt and contaminants from entering the system. This protects you from bacteria, mould or diseases getting into your regulator.
  • Nitrox - This first stage is nitrox ready to 40% oxygen when you first open the box. This is a rare feature for first stage regulators and only the best use this feature.

Apeks XTX200 2nd Stage

  • Diver Changeable Exhaust - Apeks have designed their XTX range to suit you. The 2nd stage comes with two swappable exhausts, a larger one for improved bubble clearance and a lightweight compact exhaust to ease of use.
  • Pneumatically-Balanced - The XTX 2nd stage is pneumatically-balanced. This ensures that even when you’re running low on air in your tank, your air supply is consistent throughout.
  • Easy-Push Purge Button - The XTX 2nd stage features an enlarged purge button making it easy to operate. A 2-stage progressive purge is used - press the purge on the side for a lower flow rate, useful where more control is required such as filling lift bags etc, then press in the centre for the full effect of the purge.
  • Venturi Lever - The large venturi level is easy to locate and use and any time and allows you to control how much breathing effort is required to receive air.
  • Opening Effort Control - Let your regulator breathe at its best with the large Opening Effort Control for maximum breathability.
  • Anti-Bacterial Design - The XTX 2nd stage has been designed with active anti-bacterial protection. The additive kills MRSA, protects against E-Coli, bacteria and fungi, ensuring you stay safe in hostile underwater environments.
  • Comfo-bite™ Mouthpiece - Apeks’ Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece features a comfortable bridge that sits across your palate. By supporting your regulator it eliminates jaw-fatigue and stops dry, filtered air from your regulator drying out your mouth so you can enjoy your dive in greater comfort.
  • Heat Exchanger - A heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism helping to dissipate the ice-cold temperatures in your regulator by extracting warmth from the surrounding water, the result is warmer, more comfortable air.
  • Braided Hose - The XTX regulator uses a braided hose for improved performance in deep water and greater flexibility, so you can manoeuvre more easily when wearing the regulator.

Who is the Apeks XTX200 Regulator For?

The flagship Apeks XTX200is the ideal regulator for any diver who demands the ultimate in performance to suit any environment. Known for their technical equipment, the Apeks XTX200 gives you all the functionality required to be an exemplary piece of diving equipment, and what’s more the Chrome plating ensures its tremendously robust and looks incredible.

Who is Apeks

Well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality breathing apparatus, Apeks supply more UK divers with regulators than any other dive manufacturer. Apeks has grown to become one of the benchmarks of the industry with superior standards in both engineering and design. Innovative development of not only their regulators but other diving equipment, Apeks offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their equipment, a testimony to the reliability and quality.

Apeks XTX200 Regulator Specifications

Connections Yoke and DIN available
Type of first stage Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
Body Type One piece forged body
Number of HP ports 2 (7/16" UNF)
Number of MP ports 4 with 5th port option (3/8" UNF)
Environmental Dry Kit Standard
First stage exterior Chrome over marine brass

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