Apeks DRY 75 Twin Core

The Apeks DRY 75 Twin Core bag is designed to be rugged and combines dry and wet storage. A 75 L capacity means that this bag can easily carry all of your dive gear and a change of clothes. The bag has a removable core designed to keep your wet gear away from your dry gear. This means that the carry capacity grows to 150 L when used separately.

Made from 1000 D Nylon Core 0.6mm tarpaulin, and with a reinforced polymer foam pad on the bottom, the bag is designed to survive even the most harsh conditions. The main bag also has a drain plug, allowing divers to rinse their gear while on the move. With practicality on the mind, the flap on the top of the bag has a splash proof pocket to make sure that important documents and personal items are kept safe.

Key Benefits

  • Built to last - Comprised of 1000D Nylon Core 0.6mm tarpaulin, this bag can be trusted on your most rugged and harsh dive trips.
  • Reinforced body - The polymer reinforced foam pad on the bottom of the bag is designed to reinforce the bottom of the bag, meaning it can take on more than the average wear and tear. It also doubles as a trolley cart sleeve.
  • Removable Dual Core- the removable dual core in this bag means that you can keep your wet and dry gear separate.
  • Drain plug - The drain plug on the side of the bag makes it easy to rinse your gear while you are on the move.
  • Waterproof - All of Apeks Dry bags come with waterproof welded seams, meaning that water isn’t going to get in or out.
  • Easy to carry - Backpack straps make this bag easy to carry, even in the most remote locations.
  • Great storage - a great 75 L capacity means that this bag can carry all of your dive gear with room for a change of clothes.
  • Room for extra storage - The bag has four attachment points on the outside, perfect for attaching Apeks DRY 12 bags if you need some extra room.

Who is the Apeks DRY 75 Twin Core For?

The Apeks DRY 75 Twin Core is perfect for divers looking for a rugged and dependable bag, designed with practicality in mind. The Twin Core of the DRY75 means that you can keep your wet gear separate to your dry gear while the composition of the bag means that it can take on even the harshest conditions.

Who are Apeks?

Well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality breathing apparatus, Apeks supply more UK divers with regulators than any other dive manufacturer. Apeks has grown to become one of the benchmarks of the industry with superior standards in both engineering and design. Innovative development of not only their regulators but other diving equipment, Apeks offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their equipment, a testimony to the reliability and quality.

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